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Scariest Law School Experience: Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

2nd Year Veteran

My scariest law school experience has to be the anticipation of first semester grades. Every time a new grade was posted my skin crawled. I even went the extra mile and avoided all social media, emails, and texts from my classmates for almost all of Christmas break. I finally decided to glance at my grades after Christmas, because HEY what do you have to lose after that high you have from all the great gifts you have received and phenomenal food you have consumed? After I looked at my grades I wished that I had continued to live in the world oblivious to my law school performance. I did not do terribly, but I was a little upset over a few grades. The worst part is I could not access my professors until after the holidays (I mean, who really wants to talk to a bunch of angry 1st years about their grades over their holiday break?), so I was completely miserable.

If I could go back I would have waited until the start of second semester before I looked at my grades. I know what you are thinking: “HOW COULD YOU STAND THE SUSPENSE?” Well, let’s be honest here, most professors will not post your grade until the last minute anyways so you are going to be waiting forever and chances are you are not going to get the grades you think you deserve. So, JUST WAIT! I mean who really wants that weight hanging over their head until the middle of January? NOBODY!

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