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Scariest Law School Experience: University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

3L, University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

My scariest law school experience involves the circumstances surrounding my first semester Constitutional law exam. Living in Louisville, you really never know what to expect during the winter. One day it’s 60 degrees, the next day, there might be a blizzard, but the winter of 2013 was unquestionably bad. Louisville had seen snow almost every week for four weeks straight, which was very odd. Several exams had already been postponed while others were canceled mid-exam due to campus closings.

It was during all of this that I had my first Constitutional law exam. I woke up that morning anxious but ready. I got dressed and checked my email to make sure that campus had not closed. I was pleased to see that I had no emails. I then made my way to school to prepare for my last final of the semester. I was one of the lucky ones, none of my exams had been canceled or postponed due to the inclement weather and with this being my last, I was hoping my luck would continue. When I arrived at school, I immediately went to my examination room, found my seat, and began to study until exam time. At 12:50 p.m., my professor came into the room to give us our exam instructions. We began at promptly 1 p.m. I have to admit, once the exam began, I didn’t think about the weather though it had worried me much of the days proceeding this exam. As the hours came and went, I felt confident that my semester would end that day at roughly 4:30 p.m.

Finally, my professor entered the room, “times up” he said. I stopped typing, submitted my exam, and felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders. A few moments later, my professor re-entered the room, “I have good news and bad news”, he said. “The good news is, you are finished! The bad news is about an hour into your exam, it began snowing heavily, and the school decided to shut down the campus. I didn’t want you all to have to stop your exam in the middle, so I let you finish but I have to warn you, it’s still snowing out there, so be safe on your way home.”  This sentence barely registered. All I heard was the good news, which was that my semester was over and it was finally winter break.

When I walked out of the windowless room into the lobby, I saw white everywhere. I walked towards the door and noticed there was at least eight inches already on the ground and the snow had come down too fast for the road crews to clear the roads. I slid all the way to my car, only to find that my doors were frozen shut. I finally managed to scrape enough snow off of my car to pull the door handle and eventually open my car door. It was one of the worst drives home I have ever experienced. I half expected to get in an accident before it was all said and done. It took me at least two hours to get home, which was less than twelve miles away, but the whole way, all I could do was smile because, despite the weather, I was done.

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