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Advice for Law Students: Distinguish Yourself (Video Interview)

Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School



My advice is that there isn’t a single piece of advice that I can give to every law student. I think every law student has particular interests and is looking for different things out of law school. The best piece of advice that I could give is really to try to figure out what interests you the most and to develop an expertise in that area.

This is going to sound strange, but it was advice that I got from a law professor of mine who was giving me advice about law teaching, but I think it works very well in law practice as well. The advice was to find the least interesting thing that you’re the most interested in.

I think what the professor was getting at is it’s a challenging legal marketplace, and lawyers need to distinguish themselves. Find something that you find to be very interesting and rewarding that not a lot of other people are interested in practicing in that area.

I think that creates a market opportunity for you, because you’ll be one of those few lawyers who develop an expertise in something that’s really necessary and not a lot of other people want to practice. I think that would be one important piece of advice.

The second one, I think it’s true of just about any law student, is get some practical experience while you’re in law school either as an extern, an intern, or in a clinical program.

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