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Paying it Forward as a Law Student

3L, University of Dayton School of Law

I’ve always been very involved in my community and giving back is extremely important to me as I move forward in my legal career. During my first year, I looked for opportunities to give back to the community while learning about the legal world. Luckily, University of Dayton School of Law places an emphasis on giving back to the community so I didn’t have to look far for an opportunity.

In my 1L year, I joined the Volunteer Student Law Project, a student-run pro bono based organization. I was able to participate in legal aid clinics in the community during my first year and was thrilled to be elected to the executive board for my 2L year. Since joining the executive board, we have been able to create more opportunities for students to participate in pro bono opportunities and have started non-legal volunteer projects. Being an executive member of this organization has shown me how big of a need for affordable legal help there is in my community and the role law students can play in providing that assistance. I frequently help at legal clinics supervised by a local law firm where we assist parents and relatives file pro se paperwork in the juvenile courts. It’s been an amazing opportunity to meet people who are going through a tough time and it’s a great feeling knowing I am able to help them get through that process.

It’s always been important to me to give back to the community that welcomes me in with open arms to get my education. As a law student, I have a unique opportunity to help people deal with issues the general public has limited knowledge of. It’s so rewarding for me to be able to share what I’ve learned and see the real impact I can have on a community.

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