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Those I Will Thank…

2L, Syracuse University College of Law

Law school is a long and confusing journey where you encounter plenty of stress and uncertainty along the way. However, with the help of others and through a bit of self-realization, it can be a rewarding endeavor, which leads to a better future. Throughout my time, I know that it would have been much more difficult had it not been for thoughtful professors and other students who stood in my place not long before.

In my experience, professors have been the most beneficial source of advice outside of career services. Knowing their background and reputation among students, I knew certain professors go out of their way to help students. As a result, I often took a particular class just for the professor. The few I counted on helped in numerous ways by pointing me down a path I never knew existed or getting me in touch with their contacts who likewise helped open new doors. Outside the classroom, these professors provided career and life guidance that went above and beyond teaching, and for that, I am grateful.

In similar ways, I am also thankful for the help of other students and my peers who graciously offered their thoughts and opinions making class, internship, and job decisions a little less daunting and cumbersome. Things I did in my first year really set me up for success throughout law school, and many of my choices relied on cumulative experiences of upper-class students. There is only so much information you can take in during the formative months of law school. Accordingly, I found a group of upper-class students who I respected and trusted, and used their knowledge and opinions to the best of my advantage. From which professors to take, to future internships, and what clubs to join, these students gave me priceless insight into law school for which I owe them my gratitude.

The overall experience is difficult, but it has not been merely the stress and workload. Rather, there are so many options out there in both law school and the real world, which is why making decisions can be so tough. Therefore, I relied on the advice of others to get me to where I wanted to be. Ultimately, my own persistence will get me through, but thanks to these people, the path will be substantially smoother along the way.

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