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What Path to Take in Law School

3L, Whittier Law School

Entering law school is a foreign concept for most students due to the uncertainty students have concerning which legal route to take post-graduation. While there are a handful of students who begin their first day of law school with the intent to pursue a particular area of law after graduation, others have yet to discover their legal passions even after their first year. I belonged to the latter group.

During my first year of law school, I cringed at the most often asked question, “So what type of law do you want to do?” I was embarrassed by my, “I don’t know,” answer as it made me sound lost in life. Although I did not realize it right there and then, I was headed down the right path in law school, which ultimately brought me to the development of pursuing a career in Real Estate Litigation.

My focus on developing professional relationships was the path I chose in law school that helped me discover my passion for property law. As a person who enjoys learning through interacting with others, I was always eager to attend professional events and looked forward to speaking with anyone related to the field of law, whether it be attorneys, professors or other law students. These interactions allowed me to vocalize my experience and abilities with others, and in turn, I would internalize these conversations, self-reflect, and evaluate how my strengths could serve my interests.

By staying active in the legal community, I have built valuable connections with various attorneys who I will one day call my colleagues.  Not only did I find my career goal by traveling down this path, I have also created positive impressions on professionals who I know will be more inclined to help me one day when I become an attorney-at-law.


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