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2L, The Year of the Struggle

JD at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

So… Your first year of law school is finished. You have a summer of experience in the books. You now probably believe that you know everything to expect. Well… think again. You are entering your most difficult year, where all of your first year pains reappear quickly.

As I recall my first year, I remember that the painstaking monotony began to manifest itself when there was about a month left. Going into the second year, I thought things would be the same. After all, I had a whole summer off and was able to completely recharge my batteries. This was not the case.

I started off the year excited and happy to be back. To my surprise, this feeling, which lasted several months as a 1L, lasted only a few weeks as a 2L. I thought that it might come back and I would be able to hold onto it, but regretfully, it did not. I was stuck, treading through the murky waters of desperate monotony and I still had nearly the whole semester to go.

This made my second year nearly intolerable. I constantly wanted to skip my reading and dreaded most class days. On top of that, I am not one of those people who had everything about my future figured out. I was not able to pick all of the classes that I wanted. I just picked ones that sounded interesting and ended up disappointed.

Also, being a 2L comes with a higher expectation of your participation from the professors. I am not one for speaking up in class and sometimes get nervous when called on. As a 2L I had to be more assertive when speaking and was expected to have something intelligent to say.

All of this is not meant to discourage anyone. Rather, it is to prepare you for what is to come. Probably the worst part of this for me was the shock. I just thought that I would be happy to be studying again, at least for half of the semester, but I was blindsided by the harsh reality.

The best advice that I can give is to acknowledge that you will become bored. Set out your studying schedule, make a full life routine and stick to it, and if at all possible, try to figure out what your interests are so that you can be in classes that you like. Hopefully, for you, this will ease the struggle a bit.

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