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Advice For First Year Law Students (Video Interview)

Senior Associate Dean and Clinical Professor of Law, Hofstra Law

Jennifer A. Gundlach, Senior Associate Dean and Clinical Professor of Law at Hofstra Law shares the advice she most commonly gives to first year law students.



I find that increasingly the advice that I give to first year students is to think about legal education very differently than undergraduate or even another graduate level school, in that it’s really a professional school… Everything that they should be doing should be about professional development. The way that they are interacting with professors is going to be different than how they might have interacted with their professors in college.

They really need to be viewing their professors as practitioners and scholars, who they should see as people who are mentors, professional mentors, and try to get as much out of them as far as their professional advice goes, as much as the doctrinal law that they’re teaching them. And to look for opportunities to connect with them and engage with them on a professional level, whether it’s through their research interests or their professional backgrounds or activities that they are engaged in, in the profession even outside of law school.

Trying to get invested in those activities right from the get go is really, really important.

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