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Summer Success: Five Questions to Ask the Assigning Attorney

Associate Professor of Law, Mercer Law School

After a ream of resume paper bolstered the earnings of the U.S. Postal Service, you have secured that seemingly elusive summer opportunity. Well, now how do you maximize that opportunity to see the law in practice in a manner that promotes your professional development and impresses your supervisors to compose a glowing recommendation letter (or, fingers crossed, provide you with that coveted job offer upon graduation)? When you get that request to help with a project, grab your pen paper, listen attentively, and ask the assigning attorney these five questions.

  1. Do you recommend a particular source or path to begin my research?
  2. Are there particular key words I should use (or should avoid) to maintain the proper focus of the research?
  3. How often and in what manner would you like me to update you on my progress?
  4. When would you like this project completed?
  5. What form would you like my final analysis to take?

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