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The Daily Struggle of Studying for the Bar Exam


Congratulations! You have just finished a grueling three years of law school. After 36 months of hard work, you now finally possess your Juris Doctorate. But don’t let that celebration last too long: Before you have had a chance to fully recover from your last set of finals and the excitement of graduation, you will have to start studying for the most important test of your legal education, the bar examination. This two day test determines whether or not you will be able to practice law. It requires a taxing two months of studying, and the hardest part is not learning everything that you need to know (although that is no piece of cake) but finding the motivation to continue studying for eight hours a day for those two months.

Immediately after finals, I was mentally drained and felt as though I could just sleep for a week. Instead, I started bar preparation two days later. That first day of bar class, I realized just how much I would have to study and how much I would have to do each and every day to keep up with my daily assignments. As the days have progressed, I have kept to my schedule and completed my daily assignments, yet here in mid-June I find that I am already behind. There is only so much energy that I can muster every day to study a mountain of outlines, listen to lectures, and do practice questions and essays. It can take all of my energy to get out of bed in the morning.

However, a point has finally come where I have settled into a routine in which I accomplish as much as I possibly can in a day. But more importantly, I have learned to listen to my body when I have reached a point where I cannot retain any more information. Rather than try to work through it, I have learned that it is far better to take a break, get a good night’s sleep, and come back fresh in the morning ready to tackle the assignments for the day. Hopefully, with a month left until the bar examination, I can maintain the motivation and drive to continue studying so that I can become a licensed attorney.

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