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The Week It All Fell Into Place


The best week ever in law school occurred during the first semester of my 3L year. I had been toiling away at law school for over two years and there were certainly times when I was incredibly frustrated by the amount of work that I had and difficulty understanding the concepts that the professors were trying to teach me. There were a few times when I realized how easy it would be to leave everything behind and just walk away. But nonetheless, I continued to persevere and eventually it all started to fall into place.

The week before, I had been completely bogged down with assignments, classes, my job as a clerk for a local firm, and with law review assignments. It was one of those weeks where you just want to bury your head in the sand and hope that it will all go away. Fortunately, it did not go away because I was able to reap the rewards of that week within short period.

That next week, I was finally able to figure out the Conflicts puzzle for torts. We had been learning about it for the last four weeks and I just had not been able to figure it out. And then suddenly, on Monday, I had this light-bulb moment where it just all seemed to make sense. I was elated that I finally understood what I had been trying to learn for a month. Little did I know, it was just the start of a phenomenal week.

Two days later, my boss called to tell me that we had won a motion to reconsider that I had written and the judge reversed himself for the first time in his career. The case was about the UCCJEA and the original and exclusive jurisdiction of the child’s home state. I had learned about this statute and its enforcement in class the previous semester and based on that knowledge was able to provide the court with guidance on an issue that was completely new to it. My boss offered me glowing praise for my efforts in this case and I started to realize that all of the time, effort, and tears that I had put into my law school career were starting to pay off.

The week continued to get better as I made observations in class and received approval by the professor, received praise from a classmate, and was given assignments at work of greater complexity and magnitude. For the first time in my law school career, I truly felt as though I belonged in law school as I saw the result of all of my hard work come together to remove any doubt in my mind that I would become an attorney.

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