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To Be or Not To Be

“You were a teacher? That is much more interesting/fulfilling/rewarding/etc than becoming a corporate lawyer!”

If I received a nickel for each time I heard that while in law school, I would have no student loan debt to pay off. It seemed like the moment an interviewer read my resume, that statement was one of the first things out of his or her mouth. Then the person usually followed it up by telling me a brief story about a teacher they loved or a family member/friend who teaches. It seemed to me that the lawyers I was meeting were not all that in love with their chosen profession. After hearing these same comments over and over combined with the fact that I left a secure job to become a full time student during the economic downturn of Fall 2008, I began to question why I even came to law school.

However, now that is all said and done, I can truly say that I am happy with my decision… most of the time. Obviously there are the occasional nights when I find myself completing work at an hour when most people are sleeping soundly, which is not so fun. Then again with a JD, no one ever asks me “so what are you qualified to do with that degree?” which is a nice change of pace for a person with a BA in American Studies! But all joking aside, I wanted to become a lawyer to challenge myself and grapple with complex issues. In the past year since graduating and entering my firm, I’ve definitely experienced both of these things and more. While being a first-year associate, I’ve made my share of blunders and have not so great days. Yes, there are times when I find myself asking that question of why I went to law school, but those moments are very few and far between. And so long as things stay that way I couldn’t imagine doing another profession in the future… well, unless the Travel Channel contacts me to be a location scout and help find the most luxurious places in the world!

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