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Accepted! The Law School Prep Timeline

JD, Quinnipiac

Okay, so you aced your LSATs, researched all the best law schools, wrote a killer personal statement, and now you’re finally in! So, what happens next? It may seem like a daunting task to think about how to prepare for the most challenging 3 years of your life. Here are some tips from a law school graduate on how to easily transition into the life of a law student:

1. Take a vacation beforehand.

Law school will be one of the most grueling experiences you’ll ever go through. It’s like a marathon that seems like it will never end. Granted, the finish line is incredibly rewarding, but you should rest prior to the race or it’ll be that much harder to get to the end. Whether you spend time with your family on the beach or go backpacking through Europe, do something. After law school starts, you’ll have little opportunity or financial means to splurge for a while.

2. Get into a routine.

If you are moving from out of state, plan on moving to the area at least one month prior to the start of school. It’s really important that you have a clear, stress-free mind and you are comfortable in your surroundings before you start. You don’t want to be unpacking boxes when you should be doing your Torts homework. Same goes for those who live close to school. Start getting used to waking up at 8am again, ease back on the wild nights out on the town, and wean yourself off of those Netflix binges.

3. Get to know your classmates beforehand.

Many law school admission offices operate an ‘admitted students’ website where you can create a profile, look up fun things to do in the area, and find a roommate. Check out the students that have already signed up and reach out! Ask somebody to go out for coffee, exchange emails, and even meet up to walk around the school together so you don’t get lost on the first day. The first week of law school can be incredibly nerve-wracking, so why not make a friend beforehand so you can be nervous together?

4. Once you get your class schedule, schedule out the rest of your life, too.

Now, this might not work for everyone, but I found that mapping out my entire week helped me stay focused and on task. Plus, it’s really important (any way you do it) to carve out some *ME* time each day. Whether it’s an hour at the gym, or watching an episode of your favorite TV show, make sure you do something that makes you genuinely happy each day. Plan out that *ME* time, and you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed in the weeks and months to come if you have something to look forward to each day.

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