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Accounting and Corporate Finance For Lawyers

Stacey L. Bowers


  • ISBN: 9781454878971

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    Publication Date: 9/15/2018
    Connected eBook + Print: 9781454878971
    Connected eBook:9798886140286

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents

    Table of Contents

    1. Overview of Accounting
    2. Understanding the Basics of Financial Statements
    3. Overview of Accounting and Auditing Principles
    4. Financial Statement Preparation
    5. Dividend Distributions
    6. Analysis of Financial Statements
    7. Commitments and Contingencies
    8. Interest and Time Value of Money Principles
    9. Financial Terms and Covenants in Contracts
    10. Business Valuation
    11. Other Accounting and Corporate Finance Concepts
    Exhibit A Retailers, Inc. Sample Financial Statements
    Exhibit B Sample Audit Inquiry Letter for Fictitious Company
    Exhibit C Audit Response Letter for Fictitious Company
    Exhibit D Unqualified Audit Opinion for Fictitious Company
    Exhibit E  Unqualified Audit Opinion with Explanatory
    Language for Fictitious Company (Elective Change
    in Accounting Principle)
    Exhibit F Qualified Audit Opinion for Fictitious Company
    Exhibit G Adverse Audit Opinion for Fictitious Company
    Exhibit H Disclaimer of Opinion for Fictitious Company
    Exhibit I Future Value of a Lump Sum Table
    Exhibit J Present Value of a Lump Sum Table
    Exhibit K Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity Table
    Exhibit L Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity Table
    Exhibit M Net Working Capital Adjustment Example
    Exhibit N Earn-Out Example

  • Author Information

    Stacey Bowers


    Stacey Bowers is an Associate Professor of the Practice at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. She teaches Corporate Drafting, Accounting for Lawyers, Private Equity, LLCs & Operating Agreements, and How to Read and Understand Financial Statements in the law school’s Corporate and Commercial Certificate Program. She is an editor and contributor to Denver Law’s The Race to the Bottom blog and serves as the coach for transactional competition teams. Stacey practiced corporate and securities law for over 15 years. She received her BS in Accounting from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988, and her JD in 1992 and PhD in 2010 from the University of Denver. She is a member of the Colorado and California Bar Associations. Stacey also serves on the NALA Certifying Board.
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