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Employment Law, Fourth Edition

Richard Carlson, Scott A. Moss


  • ISBN: 9781454892656

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  • Description

    Employment Law introduces students to major issues and problems in labor policy and the practice of employment law, moving from one practical or policy area to the next, recalling and expanding students’ understanding or basic legal principles in particular contexts, and introducing laws specially designed for the protection of employees and other individual workers.

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  • Additional Product Details

    Publication Date: 8/22/2018
    Copyright: 2018
    Pages: 962
    Paperback: 9781454892656

    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1 An Overview of Employment and the Law

    Chapter 2 Who Is an Employee and Who Is the Employer?

    Chapter 3 Selection of Employees

    Chapter 4 Compensation and Benefits

    Chapter 5 Workplace Safety and Health

    Chapter 6 Management and Supervision of the Workforce

    Chapter 7 Accommodating Personal, Family, and Civic Needs

    Chapter 8 Employment Security

    Chapter 9 Protecting the Employer’s Interests

    Chapter 10 Resolution of Employment Disputes

    Table of Cases

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