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Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal, Third Edition

Edward C. Carter III


  • ISBN: 9781543801682

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    Publication Date: 9/13/19
    Copyright: 2020
    Pages: 640
    Print: 9781543801682
    eBook:  9781543815207
  • Author Information

    Edward C. Carter

    Edward Carter is a career white collar crime prosecutor, was an Assistant Illinois Attorney General, and Chief of the Attorney General’s Special Prosecutions Bureau.

    Mr. Carter’s significant prosecutions include the largest state Wire Fraud prosecution in Illinois history, the largest Motor Fuel Tax Fraud prosecution in Illinois history, the largest state prosecution in Illinois history of a scheme perpetrated by bank insiders to defraud both a bank and bank regulators, and after Illinois became a party to the International Fuel Tax Agreement, the first fraud prosecution brought in the United States under that agreement. Mr. Carter has also worked extensively on legal issues related to terrorism and bioterrorism.

    Mr. Carter has lectured extensively in Eastern Europe about the investigation and prosecution of white collar crime and money laundering and is adjunct professor of law in Chicago Kent College of Law’s School of American Law LLM Program in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses region. He also serves on the advisory board of Chicago Kent's Center for National Security and Human Rights Law.

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