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Family Law for Paralegals, Ninth Edition

J. Shoshanna Ehrlich


  • ISBN: 9781543847345

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    Publication Date: 9/7/2022
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 752
    Connected eBook + Print: 9781543847345
    Connected eBook: 9798889064015
    eBook: 9781543847598

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    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1 - Marriage and Cohabitation
    Chapter 2 - Premarital and Postmarital Agreements
    Chapter 3 - Intimate Partner Violence
    Chapter 4 - The Law of Divorce, Annulment, and Legal Separation
    Chapter 5 - Child Custody
    Chapter 6 - Child Support
    Chapter 7 - Spousal Support
    Chapter 8 - Division of Marital Property
    Chapter 9 - Jurisdiction
    Chapter 10 - The Divorce Process
    Chapter 11 - Determining Parentage
    Chapter 12 - Child Abuse and Neglect
    Chapter 13 - Adoption


  • Author Information

    J. Shoshanna Ehrlich

    J. Shoshanna Ehrlich, J.D. is an Associate Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She teaches a variety of courses including Family Law, Women and the Law, Legal Reasoning, and Children’s Rights. She also teaches an innovative Family Law Practice course in which students provide representation to a hypothetical client in a mock divorce case starting with the initial intake interview and concluding with the drafting of a negotiated separation agreement. In addition, she is an Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University School of Law, where she teaches Family Law.

    Before moving into the academic world, Professor Ehrlich was a family law attorney. She thus brings a real world perspective into her work as a professor and an author.

    In addition to Family Law for Paralegals, Professor Ehrlich is the author of Who Decides? The Abortion Rights of Young Women, and she is currently working on a new book on the legal regulation of adolescent female sexuality. In addition to having published widely in law review journals, Professor Ehrlich has a range of other publications, including the co-authorship of a training manual for attorneys who represent young women in judicial bypass proceedings, a legal resource manual for family planning providers, and a series of encyclopedia entries on topics such as the adoption and foster parenting rights of same-sex couples.

    Professor Ehrlich received her B.A. in Political Science and History in 1978 from the University of Michigan, and received her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law in 1982.

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