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Chapter 11: Reorganizing American Businesses, The Essentials

Elizabeth Warren


  • ISBN: 9780735576544

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    Chapter 11: Reorganizing American Businesses, The Essentials is part Aspen’s new Essentials series, which takes a “forest rather than the trees” approach to teaching. This concise paperback concentrates on the fundamentals of business bankruptcy law and uses an informal, essay-like style to explain them. In addition to developing the important ideas in business bankruptcy, the author also takes a look at some of the more important operational elements in order to bring the material to life. Suitable for use with any casebook, this text clarifies the important topics and bridges the gap of understanding for the student.

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    Page Count 240
    Published 10/24/2008
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    Chapter 1 - Success, Failure, and Success Again
    Chapter 2 - Getting Started
    Chapter 3 - Operating the Business
    Chapter 4 - Reshaping the Business
    Chapter 5 - Confirming the Chapter 11 Plan
    Chapter 6 - Jurisdiction, Procedure, and Transnational Cases

    Table of Statutes