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Securities Regulation: The Essentials

Stephen J. Choi, A.C. Pritchard


  • ISBN: 9780735565517

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    Securities Regulation: The Essentials is part of Aspen’s new Essentials Series, which takes a “forest rather than the trees” approach to teaching. This concise paperback concentrates on the fundamentals of Securities Regulation and uses a relaxed, personal style to explain them. Suitable for use with any casebook, this text will help students recognize and understand common themes and will precipitate understanding of the topics under discussion. Written by Stephen J. Choi and A.C. Pritchard, two well-regarded young securities regulation scholars in the country today, this outstanding resource:

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    Page Count 416
    Published 03/19/2008
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    Chapter 1. Investors and Information
    Chapter 2. Information and Materiality
    Chapter 3. What is a Security?
    Chapter 4. Public Companies and Disclosure
    Chapter 5. Rule 10b-5
    Chapter 6. Insider Trading
    Chapter 7. Public Offerings
    Chapter 8. Civil Liability Under the Securities Act
    Chapter 9. Exempt Offerings
    Chapter 10. Resale Transactions