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Election Law in the American Political System, Second Edition

James A. Gardner and Guy-Uriel E. Charles


  • ISBN: 9781454883319

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    The second edition of Election Law in the American Political System, by James A. Gardner and Guy-Uriel E. Charles, offers an easy to teach, student-friendly, intellectually rich casebook with comprehensive coverage of the legal rules and doctrines that shape democratic participation in the 21st century American political system. The second edition of this casebook is updated throughout with new material including identity theory of voting behavior, alternative electoral systems, emerging metrics for evaluating the quality of election administration, and developments concerning the advent of “fake news” in election campaigns. Election Law in the American Political System also includes expanded coverage of developments regarding independent districting commissions, judicial elections, legal standards to adjudicate partisan gerrymandering, and the concept of “wisdom of the multitude.” With redesigned coverage and a thoughtful selection and careful editing of cases, the second edition contextualizes legal doctrine by providing insightful background readings and using expository material to introduce topics.

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    Page Count 1104
    Published 09/15/2017
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    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1 Democracy: Theoretical Frameworks
    Chapter 2 Introduction to the Structure and Institutions of American Democracy
    Chapter 3 The Vote
    Chapter 4 Representation
    Chapter 5 The Voting Rights Act
    Chapter 6 Candidates and the Ideal of Impartial Public Service
    Chapter 7 The Party System
    Chapter 8 Campaign Speech
    Chapter 9 Campaign Finance
    Chapter 10 Election Administration and Remedies

    Appendix: U.S. Constitution
    Table of Cases
    Table of Authorities

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