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Juvenile Delinquency, First Edition

Laura Pinto Hansen


  • ISBN: 9781543856248

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  • Description

    Juvenile Delinquency by Laura Pinto Hansen blends a discussion of the juvenile justice system with the sociological underpinnings of delinquency issues, creating the ideal text for courses in sociology, criminology, and criminal justice programs. Providing thorough coverage of both theory and application, the text’s interdisciplinary approach looks at juvenile offending through the scholarly lenses of sociology, criminal justice, developmental and physiological psychology.  The thoughtful approach is designed to offer a rich reading experience, accommodating different styles of learning 

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    Professors and students will benefit from: 

    • Comprehensive coverage of not only the history and theory of juvenile delinquency but also the sociological and psychological underpinnings underlying the law. 
    • Interdisciplinary approach that can be used in a wide variety of programs.  
    • International Perspectives on Juvenile Justice in each chapter offering cross-cultural, cross-national views of the treatment of juvenile offenders, as well as a peek behind the walls of juvenile detention centers in other countries around the world.  
    • In the Media sections provide timely case studies of current trends in the field. 
    • Carefully designed pedagogy, including Chapter Objectives, Key terms, Chapter Summaries, and Discussion Questions, helps students master the material. 
    • References and Suggested Readings at the end of each chapter not only cite the sources used but also encourage students to research topics further, as well as giving them a start for their class research papers. 

    Teaching materials include: 

    • Instructor’s Manual 
    • Test Bank 
    • PowerPoints 
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    Publication Date: 9/14/2023
    Copyright: 2023
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