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Introduction to Penology and Corrections, First Edition

Laura Pinto Hansen


  • ISBN: 9781543846355

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    Publication Date: 7/27/2022
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 580
    Paperback: 9781543846355
    eBook: 9781543846362

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    Summary of Contents


    CHAPTER ONE: The Purposes of Punishment: An Introduction to Penology
    CHAPTER TWO: History of Punishment and Corrections in America
    CHAPTER THREE: Prison Architecture and Structure
    CHAPTER FOUR: Prison Administration
    CHAPTER FIVE: Jail and Prison Staff Perspectives
    CHAPTER SIX: The Prisoner’s Perspective
    CHAPTER SEVEN: Prisoners’ Rights
    CHAPTER EIGHT: Women in Jails and Prisons
    CHAPTER NINE: Juvenile Detention and Probation
    CHAPTER TEN: Violence in Prison
    CHAPTER ELEVEN: Physical and Mental Health Issues in Corrections
    CHAPTER TWELVE: Alternatives to Incarceration: Community-Based Corrections
    CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Death Penalty
    CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Other Controversies in Punishment and Corrections


    Table of References

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