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Inside Bankruptcy Law: What Matters and Why, Second Edition

Nathalie Martin, Ocean Tama


  • ISBN: 9780735507531

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    This clear and concise paperback offers easily understood explanations that demystify important bankruptcy topics without oversimplifying them. Inside Bankruptcy Law: What Matters and Why, Second Edition, helps students absorb the nuances of bankruptcy issues by explaining the essential topics so that they can understand not only the law itself, but also what makes it interesting and important.

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    Page Count 288
    Published 01/19/2011
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    Part I: Consumer Bankruptcies Under Chapters 7 and 13

    Ch. 1. The Secured Creditor's Rights: A Brief Introduction

    Ch. 2. State Collection Law

    Ch. 3. Introduction to the Bankruptcy System

    Ch. 4. The Automatic Stay

    Ch. 5. Property of the Debtor’s Estate

    Ch. 6. Exemptions

    Ch. 7. Claims Against the Estate

    Ch. 8. Treatment of Secured Claims

    Ch. 9. The Avoiding Powers

    Ch. 10. The Anatomy of a Chapter 7 Case

    Ch. 11. The Discharge

    Ch. 12. Keeping Secured Property in a Chapter 7 Case

    Ch. 13. Anatomy of a Chapter 13 Case

    Part II: Business Reorganizations Under Chapter 11

    Ch. 14. Overview of Chapter 11 and Its Alternatives

    Ch. 15. The Chapter 11 Plan Process: Creditor Treatment, Plan Confirmation, and Post-Confirmation Issues

    Ch. 16. Cash Collateral, Post-Petition Financing, and Other First Day Orders

    Ch. 17. The Automatic Stay and Adequate Protection

    Ch. 18. The Debtor-in-Possession’s Scope of Authority and Basic Goals

    Ch. 19. Reshaping the Debtor’s Financial Landscape: Assumption or Rejection of Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases, and Asset Sales

    Ch. 20. Small Business Cases Under Chapter 11