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Inside Contract Law: What Matters and Why

Michael B. Kelly


  • ISBN: 9780735564091

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    Part of the new Inside Series, which offers clear narrative discussion of basic topics in tandem with a wealth of pedagogy, Inside Contracts: What Matters and Why, conveys a big-picture view of the essential elements of Contracts, how they fit together, and why.

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    Page Count 432
    Published 12/16/2010
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    Ch. 1. Introduction: Putting Contracts into Context

    Part I. Identifying Enforceable Promises (Formation and Defenses)

    Ch. 2. Assent & Definiteness

    Ch. 3. Consideration and Other Reasons to Enforce Promises

    Ch. 4. Defenses Based on Undermined Assent

    Ch. 5. Defenses Based on Policy

    Part II. Performance and Breach

    Ch. 6. Performance: Identifying a Contract’s Requirements

    Ch. 7. Breach, its Operation and Excuse

    Ch. 8. Third Party Rights

    Part III. Remedies

    Ch. 9. Monetary Relief

    Ch. 10. Injunctions and Specific Relief