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Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why, Second Edition

Daniel B. Bogart, Carol Necole Brown


  • ISBN: 9781454810964

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    A concise, clearly written and student-friendly guide, Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why reveals the essential components of property law and how they fit together. An informal, approachable style clearly lays out intricate areas of property law. Abundant pedagogical devices are designed to enhance understanding, including charts and visual aids as well as key terms that are highlighted and defined in the text. Overviews briefly introduce chapter topics within the context of the course and to convey to students why each matters. The straightforward answers to FAQs address common mistakes and misconception, and Chapter Summaries remind students of the key points. Sidebars serve a variety of purposes, such as explaining terminology, offering additional insights, providing study tips, and lending practice pointers. “Connections,” brief sections at the end of each chapter, relate the material across chapters, showing students the interconnected structure of the law’s framework.

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    Page Count 336
    Published 12/20/2011
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    Summary of Contents

    Ch. 1. Property: Definition and Possession

    Ch. 2. Estates and Future Interests

    Ch. 3. Concurrent Ownership

    Ch. 4. Marital Interests and Community Property

    Ch. 5. Landlord–Tenant Law

    Ch. 6. The Real Property Purchase and Sale Transaction

    Ch. 7. The Real Property Loan Transaction

    Ch. 8. Protections

    Ch. 9. Easements, Covenants, and Servitudes

    Ch. 10. Land Use Controls

    Table of Cases