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Inside Sales and Leases: What Matters and Why

Bryan D. Hull


  • ISBN: 9780735569966

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    Inside Sales and Leases: What Matters and Why, part of Aspen’s new Inside Series, offers students a concise, student-friendly study aid that emphasizes the essential components of sales and lease law, how they fit together, and why. Exceptionally student-friendly, the series format includes ample author-written illustrative material, along with signposting and key features such as the FAQs, Sidebars, Chapter Summaries, and Connections, that help guide students and provide multiple opportunities for self-testing.

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    Page Count 256
    Published 08/27/2008
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    1. Introduction
    2. Is the Transaction a Sale of Goods Transaction?
    3. Contract Formation
    4. Terms of the Contract—Warranties
    5. Other Contract Terms, Interpretation, and Unconscionability
    6. Performance, Breach, and Excuse
    7. Buyer’s Remedies
    8. Seller’s Remedies
    9. Third Parties Involved in the Sales Transaction
    10. Leases of Goods