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Inside Tax Law: What Matters and Why

Stephen Utz


  • ISBN: 9780735594401

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    Inside Tax Law: What Matters and Why presents student-friendly descriptions of the key topics in tax law, with a wealth of pedagogy that supports visual learning, memory, and comprehension. Inside Tax Law provides a big-picture view of how the essential elements of this field fit together in a coherent framework of legal theory and practice.

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    Page Count 288
    Published 08/11/2011
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    Chapter.1. Getting Started—Basic Facts, Concepts, and Techniques

    Chapter 2. Employee Pay and Perks

    Chapter 3. Getting Your Own Back: Recoveries of Damages, Damage Settlements, Insurance Benefits, and More

    Chapter. 4. Gifts, Windfalls, and Other Fortuitous Gains

    Chapter. 5. Basis

    Chapter 6. Why Tax Timing Matters: The Value of Money Over Time

    Chapter 7. Loans and Debt

    Chapter 8. Realization and Recognition

    Chapter 9. Judicial Rules on Timing and Transactional Parity

    Chapter 10. Fitting Families In

    Chapter 11. Spending Money to Make Money: Business and Investment Deductions

    Chapter 12. Itemized (Mainly Personal) Deductions

    Chapter 13. Capital Gains and Losses

    Chapter 14. Capitalization and Cost Recovery

    Chapter 15. Whose Income?