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Inside Wills and Trusts: What Matters and Why

William P. LaPiana


  • ISBN: 9780735584266

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    Inside Wills and Trusts: What Matters and Why offers students a concise, student-friendly study aid that provides a big-picture view of how all of the essential elements of this field fit together as part of a coherent framework of legal theory and practice. Using a wide variety of pedagogical aids, this new addition to the successful Inside Series offers basic coverage of the main themes of wills and trusts law, focusing on what matters and why, while providing students multiple opportunities for review.

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    Page Count 432
    Published 03/27/2012
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    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Intestacy

    Chapter 3. Wills: Creation

    Chapter 4. Wills: How They Work

    Chapter 5. Non-Probate Property Other Than Revocable Trusts

    Chapter 6. Future Interests

    Chapter 7. Trusts: Creation, Modification, and Termination

    Chapter 8. Trusts: Beneficiaries’ Interests

    Chapter 9. Powers of Appointment

    Chapter 10. The Revocable Trust: The Ultimate Will Substitute

    Chapter 11. Trust Duration: The Rule Against Perpetuities

    Chapter 12. Protection of the Family

    Chapter 13. Dealing with Illness, Disability, and Last Things

    Chapter 14. Charitable Trusts

    Chapter 15. Fiduciary Obligation and Trusts And Estates

    Chapter 16. Wealth Transfer Taxation