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Exam First Aid: Multiple Choice Exams

Jennifer Kamita, Christopher Hawthorne, Sascha Bensinger


  • ISBN: 9781454840398

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    Exam First Aid: Multiple Choice Exams is a one of a kind text that is designed for law school students and graduates who struggle with multiple choice exams. The author team, made up of experienced academic support professionals, provide solutions to problems that they have identified from working with hundreds of students who need help with multiple choice tests. Any student using this book will learn how to analyze his or her test results and then create a detailed plan of action so that they avoid making the same mistakes on future exams.Improving exam scores means dedication to a way of thinking. The process can be time-consuming, but ultimately gives students better exam scores. Students will be gratified to learn that the skills they learn from this book--gathering, organizing, and simplifying large amounts of information, and then communicating it quickly and succinctly--will translate to success as they enter legal practice. This book is a must-read text for any student who is struggling with multiple-choice exams

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    Page Count 296
    Published 08/19/2016