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Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials, Ninth Edition

Charles L. Knapp, Nathan M. Crystal, Harry G. Prince


  • ISBN: 9781543801477

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    In Problems in Contract Law: Cases and Materials, Ninth Edition, by Charles L. Knapp, Nathan M. Crystal, and Harry G. Prince, a balance of traditional and contemporary cases reflect the development and complexity of contract law. Explanatory notes and text place classic and contemporary cases in their larger legal context, while questions and problem exercises bridge theory and practice. Adaptable for instructors with different teaching techniques, this successful book includes various perspectives and contractual settings, and offers a highly intelligent, contemporary treatment of contract law. It can easily be used in teaching by traditional case analysis, through problem-based instruction, or using theoretical inquiry.

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    Publication Date: 2/1/2019
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 1248
    Connected eBook with Study Center + Print Book: 9781543801477
    Connected eBook with Study Center: 9781543812046
    eBook: 9781543811025

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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents


    An Introduction to the Study of Contract Law
    The Basis of Contractual Obligation: Mutual Assent and Consideration
    Liability in the Absence of Bargained-for Exchange: Reliance on Gratuitous Promises, Unaccepted Offers, and the Principle of Restitution
    The Statute of Frauds
    The Meaning of the Agreement: Principles of Interpretation and the Parol Evidence Rule
    Supplementing the Agreement: Implied Terms, the Obligation of Good Faith, and Warranties
    Avoiding Enforcement: Incapacity, Bargaining Misconduct, Unconscionability, and Public Policy
    Justification for Nonperformance: Mistake, Changed Circumstances, and Contractual Modifications
    Consequences of Nonperformance: Express Conditions, Material Breach, and Anticipatory Repudiation
    CHAPTER 10
    Expectation Damages: Principles and Limitations
    CHAPTER 11
    Alternatives to Expectation Damages: Reliance and Restitutionary Damages, Specific Performance, and Agreed Remedies
    CHAPTER 12
    Rights and Duties of Third Parties

    Appendix: Answers to Review Questions
    Table of Cases
    Table of Uniform Commercial Code Provisions (UCC)
    Table of Provisions from Restatement (Second) of Contracts
    Table of Provisions from Restatement (First) of Contracts
    Table of Provisions from Other Restatements
    Table of Other Acts, Codes, and Rules
    Table of Secondary Authorities

  • Author Information

    Harry G. Prince

    Harry G. Prince is Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco where he taught from 1985 until his retirement from full time teaching in 2017. His primary teaching areas were Contract Law and the Uniform Commercial Code. He also taught courses in Public International Law, Consumer Protection Law, and Race and the Law. He served as the Associate Academic Dean at Hastings from 1991 to 1993 and 2007 to 2009. Professor Prince has been very active in the legal education community. He served as Deputy Director of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) from January 1999 to August 2001, and he was chair of the AALS Membership Review Committee from 1996 to 1997. As a member of the National Conference of Bar Examiners Drafting Committee for Contracts from 1996 to 2002, he helped write contract law questions for the Multistate Bar Examination. Professor Prince also served as a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Committee on Accreditation from 2005 to 2007, and he regularly participated on ABA site evaluation teams as part of the accreditation process. He is a member of the American Law Institute. Professor Prince began his law teaching career at the University of Illinois in 1982, and he has also taught at George Washington University, the University of California at Berkeley, Howard University, and Golden Gate University. Professor Prince graduated from Temple University in 1977 and received his J.D. from New York University in 1980. He was a law clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Lee R. West in the Western District of Oklahoma from 1980 to 1981, before beginning practice as an attorney-adviser with the U.S. State Department Office of the Legal Adviser in 1981.

    Charles L. Knapp

    Charles L. Knapp is the Emeritus Joseph W. Cotchett Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, in San Francisco. He joined the Hastings Faculty in 1998, coming to San Francisco from New York University School of Law, where he was the first Max E. Greenberg Professor of Contract Law, a title which he continues to hold as emeritus. Professor Knapp joined the N.Y.U. Law School faculty in 1964, and served as its Associate Dean from 1977-1982. He has also taught at the University of Arizona School of Law, Brooklyn Law School, Harvard Law School, and the University of Copenhagen. He holds a B.A. degree from Denison University, a J.D. from N.Y.U., and studied at the University of Sydney on a Rotary International Fellowship. Before embarking on his teaching career at N.Y.U., he was an associate attorney with Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, in New York City. In addition to his work on Problems in Contract Law and his published articles on contract law and other topics, Professor Knapp was the original editor-in-chief of Commercial Damages (Matthew Bender 1986) and of its companion publication, Commercial Damages Reporter. His recent articles include Cases and Controversies: Some Things to do with Contracts Cases, 88 Wash. L. Rev. 1357 (2013), and Is There a &"Duty to Read”?, 66 Hastings L.J. 1083 (2015).

    Nathan M. Crystal

    Nathan Crystal holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School), Emory Law School (where he was editor-in-chief of the law review), and Harvard Law School. He is Distinguished Class of 1969 Professor of Professional Responsibility and Contract Law Emeritus at the University of South Carolina School of Law and Adjunct Professor of Professional Responsibility at NYU Law School, where he has taught for eight years.

    Professor Crystal is the author or coauthor of four books, three on legal ethics and one on contract law:

    • PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROBLEMS OF PRACTICE AND THE PROFESSION (Aspen Law & Business 7th ed. 2020 with Grace M. Giesel)
    • PROBLEMS IN CONTRACT LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS (with Charles Knapp, Harry G. Prince, Joshua M. Silverstein, and Danielle K. Hart (10th ed. 2022)

    In addition to his books, Professor Crystal has published numerous articles in scholarly journals, including the Akron Law Review, Charleston Law Review, Fordham Law Review, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, Global Jurist, Illinois Law Review, International Litigation, Kansas Law Review, Kentucky Law Journal, Mercer Law Review, Mississippi College Law Review, Notre Dame Journal of Law Ethics and Public Policy, North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation, NYU Annual Survey of American Law, Opinio Juris in Comparitone, Penn State Law Review, Saint Mary’s Law Journal, Saint Louis Law Journal, South Carolina Law Review, South Carolina Journal of International Law & Business, Wake Forest Law Review, and Washington Law Review. For more than fifteen years he has authored a bimonthly column, "Ethics Watch,” for the South Carolina Lawyer. Professor Crystal lectures frequently on matters of professional ethics to national, regional, and local organizations, including the American Bar Association, the United States Justice Department, and the Practicing Law Institute. He has held visiting appointments and lectureships at Arkansas (Little Rock), Charleston School of Law, Florida State, Hastings, Indiana (Indianapolis), Luiss (Rome), Scuola Superiore Santa’Anna (Pisa), Tanjin (China), Suffolk, Sydney (Parsons Visiting Scholar).

    As a practicing lawyer, Mr. Crystal is the managing partner of Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal, LLC (, with offices in Atlanta; Charleston, SC; New York City; and Washington, DC. The firm focuses in practice on professional ethics, international business, and data privacy. Professor Crystal has served as an expert witness, ethics advisor, disciplinary defense counsel, and internal investigator in hundreds of cases involving lawyers and law firms in all major areas of practice. He has been selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America © since 2015 in the fields of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law.

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  • Student Resources

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