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Bankruptcy & Article 9: 2022 Statutory Supplement, VisiLaw Marked Version

Lynn M. LoPucki, Elizabeth Warren


  • ISBN: 9781543858136

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    Bankruptcy and Article 9: 2022 Statutory Supplement is offered in two versions.  Both are smaller, lighter, and more portable than competing Supplements.  Each version includes: UCC Article 1, UCC Article 9, key excerpts from UCC Article 2 and UCC Article 8, Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, Uniform Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title and Anti-Theft Act, Bankruptcy Code, selections from the Bankruptcy Rules Title 18 and Title 28 of the United States Code, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Federal Tax Lien Act. 

    This year’s Supplements contain numerous changes to the Bankruptcy Code. Notably, many of the amendments from the COVID-19 Bankruptcy Relief Extension Act of 2021 sunsetted and have been removed. The Bankruptcy Code includes a provision for readjustment of certain dollar figures at three-year intervalsAll of those amounts changed this year. The changes were effective April 1, 2022. 


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    2022 Statutory Supplement 
    VisiLaw Marked Version 
    Lynn M. LoPucki, University of California, Los Angeles 
    Elizabeth Warren, Emeritus, Harvard University 

    The Visilaw Marked Version contains the same statutes, but with modified formatting and patented VisiLaw markings that makes the statutes easier to read and improves comprehension. 

    Three out of five commercial law students chose the VisiLaw Marked Version over the unmarked version.  These features are unique to the VisiLaw Marked Version: 

    • Each mark has the same, clearly defined meaning in every occurrence 
    • Primary sentence structure is visible at a glance 
    • Underlining creates readable sentences-within-sentences 
    • Cohesive phrase marks indicate words that should be read together 
    • Standardized marks facilitate a variety of reading strategies 
    • Boldface makes paragraph numbers and letters unambiguous 
    • Variable spacing separates paragraphs 
    • Square paragraphs, indented by steps, keep readers oriented 
    • Identical in coverage to the unmarked version, so each of your students can make his or her own choice

    Make the VisiLaw Marked Version of the Bankruptcy and Article 9 Statutory Supplement an option for your students this fall. 

    Benefits to the professor: 

    • Provides a foundation for teaching statutory analysis 
    • Students prefer VisiLaw marked statutes and will appreciate your recommendation 
    • Students in the same class can use different versions 
    • Students can read more statutes in the same time 
    • See features of statutes you’ve never seen before 
    • Saves the time you used to spend marking statutes – year after year 


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    Publication Date: 8/5/22
    Copyright Year: 2022
    Pages: 648
    Print: 9781543858136
    eBook: 9781543858143