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Real Estate Transactions: Problems, Cases, and Materials, Sixth Edition

Robin Paul Malloy, James Charles Smith, Andrea J. Boyack, James J. Kelly, Jr.


  • ISBN: 9781543826234

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  • Description

    A user-friendly introduction to real estate law and the market factors that shape basic transactions, providing accessible coverage, enriching practice applications, structured perfectly for a one-semester course on real estate transactions 

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    This concise and user-friendly casebook provides students with the tools necessary to understand real estate transactions in a real-world market setting. Real Estate Transactions is accessible to students with no prior background in real estate or business and coverage includes many real property and contract law materials tested on the Bar Exam Multiple practice applications are included in every chapter to provide a bridge to “real world” law practice and preparation for assessments of lawyering skills (like the MPT)It also features cases and materials that reveal ethical and professional responsibility issues that allow students to see professional ethics in a real-world context. This integrated approach to explaining the market and ethical constraints on transactional real estate lawyers includes clear and concise explanations on each topic. 

    New to the Sixth Edition:  

    • Two new co-authors: Andrea J. Boyack and James J. Kelly, Jr. 
    • Updated cases and text, including material on recent legal developments. 
    • Discussions of impactful current events, including the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
    • Updated materials on market changes affecting real estate. 
    • New and improved problems in every chapter. 
    • Material on the evolving concerns about social justice. 

    Professors will benefit from: 

    • Practice application problems that increase in difficulty with each section. 
    • Structured to balance theory and practice by emphasizing what successful transaction lawyers do daily. 
    • Multiple assessment opportunities allow for flexible grading approaches, enable students to demonstrate mastery of the material prior to the final exam, and can generate written responses that provide important information about student learning. 

    Extensive teaching materials: 

    • Teacher’s Manual with briefs of all the cases.  
    • Sample syllabi, assessments, and PowerPoint slides with diagrams for each case. 
    • Teaching Key for including discussions of and suggested responses to every problem included in the casebook. 
    • Document supplement with application exercises teaching contract interpretation. 
    • Additional drafting exercises for students that can be assigned as additional enrichment and/or assessment. 
    • Question sets keyed to each chapter that can be assigned to students for class preparation and/or self-assessment.  
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    Publication Date: 9/15/2023
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 752
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