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Criminal Procedures, Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials, Sixth Edition, 2021 Supplement

Marc L. Miller, Ronald F. Wright, Jenia I. Turner, Kay L. Levine


  • ISBN: 9781543844696

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  • Description

    Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials is known for its focus on materials from multiple institutions, including primary materials from U.S. Supreme Court cases, state high court cases, state and federal statutes, rules of procedure, and police and prosecutorial policies, along with materials from social science studies. Taken together, the principal materials highlight procedural variety, focus on real-world topics, provide the political context, offer a comparative analysis of different legal approaches, and consider the impact of procedures. The 2021 Supplement covers the most recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court as well as newsworthy developments such as policing and bail reform, emerging legal responses to new surveillance technologies, and the declination policies of newly-elected prosecutors.

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