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Frisco Farm Corp. v. Blenheim Markets: Case File, Trial Materials

Anthony J. Bocchino, Deanne C. Siemer


  • ISBN: 9781601569387

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    An apple a day certainly won’t keep the lawyers away. Produce broker Frisco Farm Corporation sold 25,000 pounds of apples to Blenheim Markets, with a contract clause stating that Blenheim could cancel the order within three business days. Blenheim tried to exercise that clause, but their email went astray. The apples were delivered, a thunderstorm destroyed most of the crop, and each of the parties believes the other is responsible for the loss. 

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  • Additional Product Details
    Publication Date: 11/4/2020
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 50
    Crim/Civ: Civil
    Type: Trial
    Issues: Breach of contract
    Special Feature: This short trial file revolves around two basic questions: what a contract is, and what constitutes a business day. 
    Level: Basic
    Number of Witnesses: 4
    Experts: 0
    Print: 9781601569387
    eBook: 9781601569400
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