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100 Vignettes for Improving Trial Evidence Skills

Anthony J. Bocchino, JoAnne Epps, David A. Sonenshein


  • ISBN: 9781556818882

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  • Description

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    This book contains vignettes of trial testimony all designed to raise evidentiary issues in the context in which they occur. Whether this resource is used in an evidence or trial advocacy classroom, professional learning environment, or for your own personal study, the vignettes are extraordinary examples of how specific evidentiary issues arise at trial. Additionally, this resource provides a context for a better understanding of the rules of evidence as they are applied — a skill set every successful attorney acquires.

  • Additional Product Details

    Publication Date:  12/15/2005
    Copyright: 2005
    Pages: 270
    Paperback: 9781556818882
    Ebook: 9781632813145

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