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Seymour Justice LLP (Patton v. Dell): Case File, Simulation Materials

Angela M. Burton


  • ISBN: 9781601568250

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    Seymour Justice LLP (Patton v. Dell) involves Audrey Patton, a family law attorney who becomes the unwitting target of a rival’s ill will. This rival falsifies an online dating profile of Ms. Patton on a website that promotes extramarital affairs. Ms. Patton learns of the profile only after she receives a barrage of unwanted sexual solicitations by email from strangers who have viewed the fake profile. The situation escalates when Ms. Patton receives a text on her personal cell phone from a stranger who thinks they are supposed to be meeting for a date, and an angry client fires her from a pending divorce case discovering this salacious online account. Ms. Patton seeks the services of Seymour Justice LLP to unmask the anonymous person who created the fake account and to file a lawsuit against the individual for the harm she has suffered as a result.

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    Publication Date: 8/14/2019
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 130
    Paperback: 9781601568250
    Ebook:  9781601568267

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