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Trial Technique and Evidence, Fourth Edition

Michael R. Fontham


  • ISBN: 9781601562456

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    Evidence and Trial Advocacy are often taught as if in practice, the topics are not related. The original edition of this book pioneered the concept that instruction on trial technique and evidence rules in the same volume is an effective way to teach either an Evidence or Trial Advocacy course. This combination provides students with the foundation for becoming skilled trial advocates within the boundaries of the rules of evidence. Trial Technique and Evidence explains the purpose and application of each evidence rule. The practical methods of presenting evidence are balanced against the requirements of the rules. Indeed, many evidence rules are "practice" rules, either not covered in the formal rules of evidence or not addressed in detail. The basis for introducing demonstrative exhibits, for example, is not included in the federal rules, and impeaching witnesses in trial requires knowledge of practical technique. Trial Technique and Evidence allows a professor to incorporate practical requirements with evidence theory. The text also includes practical steps for compliance with the rules, with examples to facilitate the student’s understanding, and addresses recent developments such as:

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