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Stucky v. Conlee, Parsell, and Nita City: Case File, Trial Materials, Third Edition

Gary S. Gildin


  • ISBN: 9781601568861

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    Stucky v. Conlee, Parsell, and Nita City, a civil rights action, provides timely insight into today’s racially charged atmosphere between law enforcement and persons of color. Plaintiff Clayton Stucky is a Black state trooper who was pulled over by two white Nita City police officers. Plaintiff Stucky contends that he was pulled over for “driving while Black.” Officers Conlee and Parsell of the Nita City Police Department allege that Stucky was driving at an unsafe speed, since he was allegedly driving more than fifty miles per hour in a twenty-five mile per hour zone. Stucky refused Conlee’s and Parsell’s requests to search his vehicle.

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    Publication Date: 9/2/2020
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Print: 9781601568861
    eBook: 9781601568878

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