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International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy: A Practitioner's Guide for American Lawyers

H. Roderic Heard, Susan L. Walker, John W. Cooley


  • ISBN: 9781601560810

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    Authored by H. Roderic Heard, Susan L. Walker and the late Honorable John W. Cooley, International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy is the first book of its kind to offer practical advice for American trial lawyers on advocacy in international arbitration. Unlike arbitration treatises, which typically are written from the perspective of the arbitrator, International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy explains how experienced trial lawyers can tailor their advocacy skills to be more persuasive and ultimately successful in the international arbitration arena.


    "International Commercial Arbitration Advocacy is impressive in its candor and practical value (and format). It certainly lives up to its goal of internationalizing the American practitioner through encouraging guidance, rather than being preachy or dictatorial. Hats off to the authors."
             — Michael Mcllwrath, Associate GC, Litigation, GE Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy