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Expert Report Rules: What the Expert and the Lawyer Need to Know, Second Edition

David M. Malone


  • ISBN: 9781601561749

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  • Description

    Expert Report Rules, Second Edition, provides a quick and ready practical reference to issues and approaches for experts and the busy trial lawyers who present them. In this conversational and engaging text, David Malone shares his insights and brings clarity to the many issues surrounding the expert report writing process:

    •  who has an obligation to file an expert report (including a discussion of "hybrid" witnesses and the expert's assistants) 
    •  what should be included in the report
    •  who writes the report
    •  creating and retaining drafts
    •  what portions of the preparation activities are discoverable
    •  supplementing the initial report
    •  Daubert-Kumho Tire issues
    •  relationship between the Expert Report and the Expert Deposition
    •  how the report will be used at trial

    Expert Report Rules is designed to help attorneys and experts deal in common-sense way with the situations that arise as they work their way through the pretrial and trial process.

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