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Trial Advocacy Basics, Third Edition

Molly Townes O’Brien, Gary S. Gildin


  • ISBN: 9781601569547

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    Whether you are preparing for your first trial or your hundredth, Trial Advocacy Basics is the book for you. More than just a courtroom primer for novice and experienced trial attorneys, this completely revised edition focuses on what makes jurors tick, and how to effectively communicate the story of your case to both the jury and the judge. From case analysis and theory through cross-examination, impeachment, and closing arguments, Molly Townes O'Brien and Gary Gildin provide cutting-edge perspectives on how jurors think and how to optimize both the style and substance of your trial practice. O’Brien and Gildin relate practical advice on every stage of trial preparation and practice in a straightforward manner, using memorable examples and anecdotes, colorful quotes, and humor to highlight each lesson.  

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    Publication Date: 11/30/2021
    Copyright: 2022
    Pages: 250
    Paperback: 9781601569547
    Ebook: 9781601569554

    Summary of Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction to the Courtroom
    Chapter 2: The Lawyer's Courtroom Demeanor
    Chapter 3: A Contemporary Theory of Persuasion .
    Chapter 4: Analyzing the Case for Trial
    Chapter 5: Jury Selection
    Chapter 6: Opening Statement
    Chapter 7: Direct Examination
    Chapter 8: Cross-Examination
    Chapter 9: Expert Witnesses
    Chapter 10: Expert Witnesses
    Chapter 11: Exhibits and Illustrative Aids
    Chapter 12: Making and Responding to Objections
    Chapter 13: Closing Argument
    Chapter 14: Getting Ready for Trial