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Williamson v. Shrackle: Case File

Steven Friedman, Molly Townes O'Brien, Kevin L. Prins


  • ISBN: 9781556816802

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    Professor Fergus D. Williamson was crossing the street when he was struck by the company pickup truck of Charles T. Shrackle. Williamson has filed a civil negligence suit with the Nita State courts, claiming that Shrackle's negligence caused him severe injury and disability. Shrackle admits to hitting Williamson, but claims that he was crossing in the middle of the street, not the crosswalk, and that Williamson did not look before entering the road. The defendant denies negligence, instead alleging contributing negligence on the part of the plaintiff. There are three witnesses for the plaintiff and four for the defendant.

  • Additional Product Details

    Publication Date: 6/21/1999
    Copyright: 1999
    Pages: 118
    Motor vehicle hits pedestrian, negligence 
    Type: Trial , Civil
    Issues: Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
    Level: Basic
    Number of Witnesses: 3p/4d
    Experts: Economic Damages, Medical
    Paperback: 9781556816802

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