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State v. O'Neill: Case File, Sixth Edition

James H. Seckinger, Maureen A. Howard


  • ISBN: 9781601562081

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    Liza O’Neill was shot and killed the night of her twenty-sixth birthday on the front porch of her stepmother’s home. Liza’s estranged husband, Joseph O’Neill, was charged with first degree murder and pleaded not guilty. The case went to trial and resulted in a hung jury. The State is retrying the case. There are three witnesses for both the plaintiff and the defendant along with one optional witness for either side.

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    Husband accused of killing estranged wife, uncertainty of identity
    Publication Date:
    Copyright: 2012
    Pages: 111
    Type: Trial , Criminal
    Issues: Criminal – Murder
    Level: Basic
    Number of Witnesses: 3p/3d
    Experts: Forensics
    Paperback: 9781601562081

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