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Love v. Regency: Case File, Second Edition

Edward R. Stein, Jonathan Rest


  • ISBN: 9781601567062

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    In this trademark infringement case, Dr. Stanley Love, a dermatologist, alleges that Regency Plastic Surgery, PC, has infringed his common-law trademark of the "The Love Look" by using "The Look of Love" as its marketing slogan. Dr. Love is seeking injunctive relief and damages. For more than a decade, Dr. Stanley Love, a dermatologist, has marketed his cosmetic surgery practice with "The Love Look" as his slogan. Regency, a New York City practice that has opened branches around the country, registered the service mark "The Look of Love" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and began using the slogan in all its marketing. Regency opened a branch practice in Dr. Love's area about two years ago.

    Regency denies liability, claiming that Dr. Love had no common-law trademark because "The Love Look" is merely descriptive and therefore Dr. Love could acquire no common-law trademark rights in the slogan. Regency also claims that even if "The Love Look" has acquired trademark protection, Regency did not infringe the trademark. Finally, Regency claims that Dr. Love's claims are barred by laches and the statute of limitations.

    The Love v. Regency case file has contains the following witnesses:

    •  Four fact witnesses (two per side) 
    •  Two liability expert witnesses
    •  Two damages expert witnesses

    Because of growing media influence on litigation, the second edition of Love v. Regency also contains internet exhibits including:

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  • Additional Product Details

    IP issues around slogan, video with mini lectures, impeachment problems, social media evidence
    Publication Date:
    Copyright: 2016
    Pages: 147
    Type: Trial , Civil
    Issues: Intellectual Property – Trademark
    Level: Advanced
    Number of Witnesses: 4p/4d
    Experts: Economic, Marketing
    Paperback: 9781601567062
    Ebook: 978160157055

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