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Legal Strategy

Paul J. Zwier


  • ISBN: 9781556819230

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    In Legal Strategy, well-known professor, Paul J. Zwier focuses on pre-litigation, transactional, and negotiation processes, and describes each in a way that brings together the basics of each discipline. 

    Zwier describes how, once a lawyer determines the end goal the client desires, the lawyer must explore the facts and procedural alternatives most likely to get there. By getting lawyers to focus in a continual exercise of deliberating on what matters most, Zwier sets forth three steps in legal strategy: fact investigation, client counseling, and implementations of the client's decision.

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    Publication Date: 11/15/2015
    Copyright: 2015
    Pages: 192
    Paperback: 9781556819230
    Ebook: 97816328220525

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