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Public Service Case File Packet: Cooper v. Cooper, Montane v. Hadden

Mark S. Caldwell


  • ISBN: 9781601563231

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    In Cooper v. Cooper, food and fists fly in a domestic showdown at the Yankee Doodle Restaurant, where the young Mr. and Mrs. Cooper physically and publically grapple with their shared history of alcoholism, economic hardship, and allegations of domestic violence. Issues relating to public assistance, chronic substance abuse, and protective orders figure into this “he said, she said” tale of tumultuous matrimony hitting rock bottom.

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  • Additional Product Details

    Civil protection order, termination of lease, Cooper is a bench trial, Montane jury
    Publication Date:
    Copyright: 2013
    Pages: 200
    Type: Trial, Civil
    Issues: Domestic Violence; Landlord-Tenant; Public Service
    Level: Basic
    Number of Witnesses: 3p/2d, 2p/3d
    Paperback: 9781601563231
    Ebook: 9781601566911

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