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Chen v. Miller: Case File, Trial Materials

Linda Lane


  • ISBN: 9798886690194

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    The rushed days of two people collided with calamitous results when Taylor Chen, who was walking in a crosswalk, was struck by a car driven by Alex Miller, a KarPül driver on the way to pick up a rideshare customer. Chen has brought a negligence action for personal injury damages against Miller and claims that Miller disregarded traffic lights and failed to yield. Miller claims to have had the right-of-way and that Chen stepped into the street without paying attention to traffic while texting. Who is at fault, and how much damage did Chen really suffer? You must persuade the jury when you try this case. Compact yet thorough, this case file addresses multiple issues of modern evidence and witness examination skills.  

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    Publication Date: 4/15/2023
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 120
    Print: 9798886690194 
    WebPDF: 9798886690200