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ADR Training: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Workbook

Kevin Marshall, Alexys Santos


  • ISBN: 9781601569769

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    Understanding the basics of mediation and dispute resolution is a great foundation, but only practice will turn those building blocks into usable skills. ADR Training: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Workbook is the tool both students and practitioners need to mold your abstract understanding of negotiation into the concrete skills that will let you walk into a conference room with composure and authority. The fact patterns in this collection are succinct enough to understand within fifteen minutes of receiving the material but multifaceted enough to create a realistic mediation experience. Whether you are engaged in an academic mediation competition or honing your abilities for clients, ADR Training will sharpen your skills and give you the confidence you need. 

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    Published date: 11/23/22
    Published year: 2022
    Pages: 194
    Print: 9781601569769
    eBook: 9781601569776