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California Property Law for Paralegals

D. Patrick O'Laughlin


  • ISBN: 9780735584525

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    Designed to simplify material while maximizing student interest, California Property Law for Paralegals is a well-organized, clearly written, practical text. This concise yet comprehensive book will provide students the tools they need but will not overwhelm them because it is geared specifically to the needs of paralegal students.

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  • Details
    Page Count 336
    Published 12/20/2010
  • Additional Product Details
    1. An Introduction to Property Law in California
    2. Forms of Ownership
    3. Estates in Real Property
    4. Property Title in California
    5. Agency Law
    6. The Rights and Duties of Landowners
    7. Disputes Between Neighbors in California
    8. Involuntary Liens in California
    9. Foreclosure Law in California
    10. California Real Estate Sales Contracts
    11. Tenant—Landlord Law
    12. Fair Housing
    13. Transfers of Real Property
    14. Common Interest Developments in California
    15. Restrictions on Land Use
    16. Environmental Law
    17. Litigating a Real Property Case in California
    18. Negotiation
    19. Personal Property

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