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Inside the Mind of a Mediator: Strategic Conflict Intervention

Liora Paniz


  • ISBN: 9781543849530

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  • Description

    An experiential learning tool.

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    Paniz meticulously examines and explains conflict intervention skills and strategies so that the reader learns to identify which to use and when, how to layer them effectively, and how their characteristics change when paired. Correctly applying the brilliant techniques expertly developed and explained in this book will foster a deepened understanding of conflict intervention and resolution, all vital to thinking like a well-rounded mediator, enabling successful mediating. Furthermore, this book is an extraordinary guide toward cultivating essential skills for personal, social, and business interactions; beneficial for ALL matters involving ANY form of negotiation. 


    Key Features of the First Edition:  

    • Identification practice for various disputant interaction methods and appropriate mediator responses 
    • Presentation and Socratic discussion of practical approaches for application of conflict intervention and mediation skills 
    • Development of creative, solution-oriented thinking and strategizing   
    • Activities and Assignments 

    Professors and students will benefit from: 

    •  Reader and instructor-friendly approach 
    •  Interactive nature of the book 
    • Explanation of conflict intervention skills and strategies and instruction on how to use them effectively 
    • Activities and Assignments, including: 
      • Skills-Specific Exercises 
      • Flash Challenges 
      • Flash Challenge Questions 
      • Mediation Examples 
      • Mediation Exercises – Full length mediation role-plays with provided fact patterns  
      • Mediation Exercise Discussions – Accompanying all Mediation Exercises  
      • Mediator Assignments – Accompanying all Mediation Exercises 
      • Transcribed Mediations – Full-length mediations for the reader to experience the application of discussed skills  
      • Psychological Obstacles and Approaches 
      • Strategic Techniques 
      • Mediator Intervention 
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    Publication Date: 1/31/2022
    Copyright: 2022
    Pages: 450
    Connected eBook + Print Book: 9781543849530
    Connected eBook: 9781543857351

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  • Author Information

    Liora Paniz

    A veteran of federal, state, and private mediations, Liora Paniz has developed strategic conflict intervention for application across sectors and disciplines. Liora actively provides mediation and consultation for business transactions and related negotiations, familial disputes, personal and professional relationships, and disputes resulting from the ultra-intense pressures of competitive sports and performance-based events and activities. Her belief in mediation as the rising star in our dispute resolution firmament is evidenced by a decade-long dedication to providing necessary and approachable mediation and conflict intervention.

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